by Dan Merritt

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mi·as·ma (m-zm, m-)
n. pl. mi·as·mas or mi·as·ma·ta (-m-t)
1. A noxious atmosphere or influence: "The family affection, the family expectations, seemed to permeate the atmosphere . . . like a coiling miasma" (Louis Auchincloss).
2. a. A poisonous atmosphere formerly thought to rise from swamps and putrid matter and cause disease.
b. A thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation: wreathed in a miasma of cigarette smoke.

Imagine a floating, smoggy, non-defined incarnation of some kind of disease-plague. Something so horrifying to think about but so beatiful to watch move. Imagine the material incarnate of this plague. The things that almost seem living. The ones with some what human-esque form. The soldiers, drones, zombies, what have you. Seeping with disease, drooling with instinctual contempt for all that is not infected.

They march.


released August 16, 2013
Composition and Performance- Dan Merritt
Recording, Mastering- Chris Yeterian



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Dan Merritt East Hartford, Connecticut

My name is Dan Merritt. I'm an fingerstyle guitarist/genre-bender from East Hartford, Connecticut. I am also a bit of an abstract artist :)

My Music is a bit unorthodox: Percussive fingerstyle guitar with some ambient and IDM flair. I draw much of my technique from Michael Hedges and Preston Reed, but carry influence from Boards of Canada and Tycho.

Have a listen, thanks for stopping by!
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